Stewing Over Mysteries – 2019

Event Details

Stewing Over Mysteries – January 23rd at 6:30pm
Publick House Tap Room

William Martin
“King of the historical thriller…” (Providence Journal

You can use the buttons below to buy your tickets and books online. Tickets purchased online will be acknowledged at the door of the event. No physical ticket will be sent before the event. Books may be picked up at the event. If you are nervous about this arrangement, bring along your PayPal acknowledgement of the transaction.

You may purchase your tickets and/or books by clicking the buttons below or purchase them at the library. Books are available to purchase at the event as well
Three books by William Martin are available for online purchase.  Pick them up at the event.

$20 for Hardcover of Bound for Gold ($24 at event)
$7 for Paperback of Back Bay ($9 at event)
$7 for Paperback of The Lincoln Letter ($9 at event)

Stewing Over Mysteries Ticket – $15

Hardcover – Bound for Gold – $20

Paperback – Back Bay – $7

Paperback – The Lincoln Letter – $7